Simple Structures Panel

A base class for constructing a portlet-style container to display content. Extends the SS.DataRequest Class supporting advanced data retrieval and callback functionality.

Example: Basic Panel

Basic Panel with most default options applied. Displaying static content.
new SS.Panel({
    html: 'This is an example of static content',
    target: 'result-1',
    title: 'Example 1 Panel'

Example: AJAX Panel with additional controls

Panel example loading content via an AJAX request with additional panel controls enabled.
new SS.Panel({
	buttons: ['reload', 'tearoff', 'toggle', 'remove'],
	datasource: 'custom/ss-demos/ajax.php',
	resizable: true,
	target: 'result-2',
	title: 'Example 2 Panel'

Example: Wrapping existing content with a panel

Wrapping an HTML element with the id of "wrap-me".
        new SS.Panel({
            title: 'Example wrap panel'
Wrap Me
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