Simple Structures ModalBox

Example: Basic ModalBox

Basic ModalBox with static content.
new SS.ModalBox({
    title: 'Basic Modal Box',
    message: "This is an example simple modal box." 

Example: Modal Box retrieving data from an AJAX request

ModalBox example loading content via an AJAX request.
new SS.ModalBox({
    title: 'Basic Modal Box',
    datasource: 'custom/ss-demos/ajax.php'

Adding multiple buttons to the Modal Box

ModalBox example adding multiple buttons.
new SS.ModalBox({
    buttons: [
            action: function(){alert("Hi there!")},
            text: 'button 1'
            action: variableTest,
            text: 'button 2'
            action: 'globalTest',
            text: 'button 3'
    height: 300,
    message: 'This is an example modal window using the SS.ModalBox Class',
    subTitle: 'This is an example Sub Title',
    title: 'My Modal Box',
    width: 600

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